We started by design and deploy our own boards. Since 2018, we have been adding support and deploying boards from the market. And it remains dynamic, you have the possibility to help us to extend this list.

Here is a table summarizing tech specs of boards. It shows notably communications possibilities between the boards.

Board IoT-LAB name MCU / SoC Radio
802.15.4 Sub-GhZ BLE LoRa
Arduino Zero arduino-zero Cortex M0
BBC micro:bit microbit Cortex M0
Decawave DWM1001 dwm1001 Cortex M4
IoT-LAB A8-M3 a8 Cortex A8
IoT-LAB M3 m3 Cortex M3
LoRa gateway lora-gw BCM2837
Microchip SAMR21 samr21 Cortex M0
Microchip SAMR30 samr30 Cortex M0
Nordic nRF51DK nrf51dk Cortex M0
Nordic nRF52840DK nrf52840dk Cortex M4
Nordic nRF52DK nrf52dk Cortex M4
nRF52832-MDK nrf52832mdk Cortex M4
nRF52840-MDK nrf52840mdk Cortex M4
NXP FRDM-KW41Z frdm-kw41z Cortex M0
Phytec PhyNODE-KW2X phynode Cortex M4
Pycom FiPy pycom ESP32
RTL SDR rtl-sdr R820T2
ST B-L072Z-LRWAN1 st-lrwan1 Cortex M0
ST B-L475E-IOT01A st-iotnode Cortex M4
Zigduino zigduino ATmega128RFA1
Zolertia Firefly firefly Cortex M3